The Mausoleum of Heyghoogh-e-Nabi, Iran Attraction
Heyghoogh-e-Nabi is one of the prophets of Bani Israel who was from Moses' descendent and contemporary with Daniel the prophet, who lived around 700 ...
Toyserkan, Iran Attractions
Ashtaran-Castle This historical castle which was used as a military center is located in the vicinity ...

TOYSERKAN City, IranLocated about 100 km south of Hamadan, it is the outcome of the merger of three old villages Toy, Serkan and Shekan. However , it was formerly called Roud Avar. Latter was ruined in the invasion of the Mongols and its people fled to those three village. The ancient hills of Baba Kamal, Roudlar, Shahrestaneh, the remains of a Sassanid city in Velashjerd, the Saljuk Dome named after prophet habaqooq, the Safavid building of Shaykh Ali Khani School and the Qajar period’s covered bazaar, are all indicative of Toyserkan’s historical background
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