Gelfeshan Hills, Iran Attractions
Located on the north-west of Chabahar, natural phenomena of Golfeshan, in Kavir plain alongwith eruption of gas and mud from the depths ...
Protected Area of Bahu Kalat(Gandu), Iran
With dry mountainsit islonged to the Sarbaz River in Baluchestan. This area is the habitat of unique Iranian crocodile, which lives in shallow parts of Bahu ...
Tis Village, Iran Attractions
Located in the costum- free area of Chabahar, Tis is avillage with pleasant weather conditions. Its antiquity dates back to 2500 years ago. Remains ...

CHABAHAR City, IranChabahar the most southern city of Sistan & Baluchestan province,was called Tis Port in the past. Nowadaysdebris of theold town can be seen around 9 km from today's Chabahar. Village of Tis with nice climate and antiquity of 2500 years andruins ofMongol's destruction are ofits attractions. Tis port had special importance in the past and was one of the important business centers of Oman coastlines. Cliff beach of Chabahar, located in south of the city, is one of the most worth seeing costal areas of Iran, which has been formed during a long period of time and due to progression of seawater and erosion of cliffs and sedimentary stones.
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